Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome to the Kenneth James Kirsch Author Blog!

Welcome to my blog. I'll try to keep it short. I don't have time to waste my time or yours!

I'll cover a lot here and welcome comments:

1. BOOKS: First off, I'll tell you about my book. I just published my first novel, Demon Alcohol and the Monstermen. It's the tale of a Russian little girl, Leysa Henko, who immigrates to America in 1917 with her family and is terrorized by the town's alcoholic miscreants, the Monstermen. I may even post the random excerpt from time to time.

It's available on,, and, among other book selling sites.

2. POLITICS: I'm a very free thinker. Liberal on some causes, conservative on others. Somewhere in between on most.

3. OTHER AUTHORS: I'll tell you what I'm reading, why I like it, who I've heard about, and how I heard about them.

4. PROMOTIONAL APPEARANCES: I do radio shows from time to time and discuss the issue of alcoholism and child endangerment dealt with in my book. I hope you'll tune in.

Also, I'm participating in a new service called Authors Promoting Authors, a new blog-specific promotional avenue for authors. I hope you'll follow me over there.

5. FOOTBALL: Love it. Take it very seriously. Big Cowboys fan.

6. WHATEVER YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT: Post comments and they could very well become a topic.

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