Thursday, September 11, 2008

Orange Clouds Blue Sky, a novel by J. Hale Turner

I wanted to take a second to recommend a great writer of children's books, J. Hale Turner.

J. Hale Turner's new book is called Orange Clouds Blue Sky. Check out the cover art and synopsis below, and visit J. Hale Turner at to learn more.
Almost sweet sixteen Skye Patterson is in a total panic, searching frantically for her younger sister, Starr, who disappears in the mall of all places.Autism combined with curiosity and mischief can label Starr more than just a handful.To face their uptight parents is another unbearable consequence, causing Skye's teenage declaration of independence to appear more and more dismal.
Time may heal old wounds, but patience is not Skye's best quality. She is bound and determined to find a solution to save her family's oncoming disaster for which she feels responsible.

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