Monday, September 1, 2008

Three reasons why Sarah Palin is bad news for the US

1. Sarah Palin supports teaching creationism in schools.
Didn't we just get finished killing this whole Intelligent Design nonsense a few years ago? After we figure out the mess in Iraq and redirect the right resources to Afghanistan, the next thing a new president must do is to Stop The War On Science! Evolution is proven my neocon friends; you lost the argument, get over it. And teaching both would be just as bad. Can you imagine the confusion?

2. The Whole Abortion Mess.
Dear Gov. Palin's own daughter is pregnant now, but I'm sure it won't change her stance a bit. Extremists like Sarah Palin see issues as black and white, not in shades of gray. People who disguise their unilateral focus, and resulting bullying, as leadership are simply incapable of thinking across the spectrum of solutions. We don't need any more so-called leaders with tunnel-vision. Can you imagine her talking to Putin? "Sorry Vlad old pal, it's my way or the Siberian Highway..."

3. Plain Old Idiocy
Sarah Palin wants Hillary supporters to vote for her simply because she has the same genitalia as the former first lady. Sarah Palin can't hold a candle to Hillary intellectually and she sure as hell can't give liberal or moderate women who study the issues a single decent reason to vote for her. The blatant pandering makes me want to throw up.


Angelo said...

You are so right! Palin would be a disaster for America, esp. if she was ever allowed out the country.

I like your point about Putin. Did you hear what she said about the Russia-Georgia thing? Her black-and-white worldview is exactly wrong for the international stage.

Author Kenneth James Kirsch said...

Dude, Putin would mop the floor with Palin. The debates have made that clear (as has Tina Fey, haha)!