Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Demon Alcohol and the Monstermen: No Fun and Games

Downer alert. Downer alert. Downer alert.

To answer a lot of questions about the reason for writing an intense, spooky "message novel" like Demon Alcohol and the Monstermen in these heady days of frothy Chick Lit, frothier Memoirs, froth-free Goth Horror, and Celebrity Cookbooks, read on.

Easy. I had a message I wanted to get out. Strike that. Had to get out.

Demon Alcohol and the Monstermen is about alcoholism, child abuse, endangerment and indifference. The backdrop is Prohibition. The victim is a little 5-year-old blond girl from Russia.

"But Ken, we've heard it all before. Remember the guy from Oprah who was caught with his proverbial pants down when he lied about his addictions in his own 'fictional' memoirs. And haven't we all been Dave Pelzer'd to death about this topic already?"

The answer: No, and No. It hasn't all been done. It hasn't all been said.

You haven't heard the issue of alcoholism and parental neglect worked over like this.

I'm not saying I'll have the last word on this subject, but I will have a word.

Read the next post for an excerpt. And let me know what you think.


Kenneth James Kirsch

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Leahy said...

Hi Ken
Love the excerpt. Good luck with it all.
Helen Leahy