Friday, October 2, 2009

A New Review! Wow!

Just picked up this review from I'm constantly amazed at the ways in which this book is helping people understand and overcome this disease, not to mention being an enjoyable read. Read on:

An Amazing First Novel from Kenneth James Kirsch

Review by Dr. Michael Hinson

I picked up this novel after hearing Mr. Kirsch's appearance on Blog Talk Radio last year, and was blown away by its honesty, its no-holds-barred look at alcoholism, and its unflinching sympathy and focus on the true victims of the disease -- the children and loved ones impacted by the alcoholic. Too much of today's attention on alcoholism is focused on the alcoholic themselves, and not enough is paid to the folks at home who have to constantly pick up the pieces.

Leysa Henko is an unforgettable character, and the reader will find themselves crying with her and rooting for her. The backdrop of Prohibition makes this story all the more stark in its contrasts to modern life, and the setting of the coal regions of Pennsylvania helps put the entire story in a very gritty, humanistic light.

Leysa Henko is not the sexy, joking, debutante alcoholic in the mold of today's forgettable chick lit. She's a survivor of alcoholic parenting herself -- a working class, scrappy fighter who is slowly succumbing to the travesty of her disease.

Pick up Demon Alcohol and the Monstermen today. You won't regret it. It's a great read, and one you won't soon forget.