Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have You Seen Me Lately?

Well, February's come and gone and nary an entry from me.

There's been no news on the Demon front this month to report, that is, until now...

It's Sequel Time: Inspiration can strike a writer anywhere. The idea for a sequel to Demon Alcohol and the Monstermen hit me while I was on the R6 Septa line commuting to work in Philadelphia one day last week. I scratched out a few ideas, wrote a few opening paragraphs, and now I'm off to the races.

The working title is The Ballad of JJ Henko. James Joseph Henko is the son of Demon protagonist Leysa Henko. The next generation of Henkos takes Leysa's addictions and abusive personality to an extreme. If you read Demon you may have gotten the idea that the insidious disease of alcoholism can be overcome as easily as a happy ending can be written into a book. Not true in real life, my friends. At least not in JJ Henko's case.

On the publishing front: lessons learned -- this time around, no PublishAmerica. While I appreciate them taking a flyer on this returning writer, their non-existent editorial department left my manuscript with more than a few embarrassing grammatical scars. And the royalties.... uh, anybody seen my royalties?

A New Round of Promotion: After a serious case of the Winter Blahs, I'm revving up the old promotion engine again for Demon. I'm hoping to get a publisher or agent interested in the sequel early in the drafting process.

I'll be appearing on the monthly chat schedule of The Red River Writers. You can find them on Facebook. They do chat sessions with authors and I'm going to be appearing in March. Stay tuned. I will provide details as they become available.

That's all for now. Come on Spring!

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